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Day Care Crèche -The Small Wonder School !

Day care - They care
The housewaala’s take every little step that it takes to make your little one feel at home while you are away making a living for them.
We respect your effort and love & care for them like our very own, because isn't that what family is for?

The Small wonder school - Your parenting partner, introduces Day Care and Crèche!
The Small Wonder School has been proudly serving you for last eleven years and is celebrated for imparting quality education and an outstanding value system. Our 9 am to 6:30 pm safe, protected and hygienic day care center not only offers home away from home, but also ensures motherly care to each child, when you are busy with your day long professional engagements.

Timing & age eligibility

Play school. 9.30 am to12.30pm for 2 to 4 yrs kids
Play school plus day boarding. 9 am to 6.30 pm for 2 to 4 yrs kids
Full day crech.9 am to 6.30 pm 1 to 12 yrs kids
Daily basis crech is also available for kids of 1 to 12 yrs.

Major attractions
Real time live coverage through CCTV Cameras: Yes, this is true! You can see your child with us (live) on your computer or mobile from anywhere, anytime.

Trained and compassionate staff: Well educated and experienced teachers & daycare professionals (essentially successful mothers) supported by a caring and well trained staff provides everything that your little one needs, be it love, care, affection, food or motherly attention.

High hygiene standards: Adults don’t miss it, while kids don’t care about it. Hygiene is the first and foremost requirement of your child. A high level of cleanliness is maintained in school especially when it comes to class rooms & children-friendly wash rooms. This practice not only gives our kids a healthy environment but also inculcates value of hygiene.

Reporting on child’s arrival: Though we are live on Internet yet, we provide the facility of sending an SMS to each parent on the child’s safe arrival in our premises. This will ensure your child’s safety. You could also get elaborate and precise details about your child’s day by calling us.

Child friendly and growth enabling environment: We provide ample play area with age appropriate furniture, swings, slides, a whole fun station, puppet theater, splash pool, ball pool, puzzles, toys and the list goes on..

A well equipped activity centre with audio-visual facilities that include- computer and internet to keep your child gainfully occupied in infotainment- learning and entertainment simultaneously.

Flexible timings: The day care centre is very flexible in terms of timings and days. This program can be customized keeping in mind the needs of working couples like on hourly and daily basis.

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